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Adults work separately and together to ensure a rigorous student-centered learning environment that provides access to multiple pathways for students to demonstrate mastery and growth toward their desired college and career goals. Students can clearly and concisely articulate short term academic/personal growth goals and long term college and career goals as well as his/her plan to attain them. Students demonstrate learning and growth through interdisciplinary project based assessments, standardized common assessments, and portfolios. Adults and students actively innovate, transform, and engage in the learning process individually and collectively, holding oneself and each other accountable for excellence.



The Mission of Nathan Hale School is to support the development of responsible, life long learners by providing a comprehensive educational community dedicated to nurturing individual strengths, differentiating instruction, integrating technology, honoring diversity and encouraging model citizenship .

Vision Driven Data Informed Leadership

At the heart of all great leaders, there is a vision of excellence. A great leader must always design for perfection, and work to build the capacity and skills of the team to be able to actualize this vision. It is crucial to communicate with empathy and transparency in every aspect of the decision making process. We are at a poignant time in school reform where a leader must innovate change through a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. A great leader enlists the people to share in the vision of excellence for both children and adults. They must use multiple forms of data to inform all members of learning and growth. A great leader models reflective practice and a growth mindset from seeking, receiving, and giving on-going feedback. Through reflection, a leader will be self aware and seek the professional development and support to continue a journey of life long learning

Our Plan Rationale

In a high speed, technologically connected, global society, schools must commit to assessing and planning for development, reflection, and citizenship. It is the function of this plan to articulate key practices and rationale to create the highest impact on student achievement. The plan reflects my learning and growth throughout my entire education and career that indicates beliefs, values, and key practices to enable transformative growth in children and adults. Individually and collectively, all members of a learning community can experience transformational learning if the environment is safe, supportive, and challenging. Growth cannot occur without all three. This plan reflects what I believe possible for a 21st century school dedicated to fostering college and career readiness for 100% of the students.

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